Роль денег в развитии общества

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1. From August 1 to pass his internship nachila Usmanova.Aida under the supervision and training of social services. workers Kusmanovoy Anara. Came three times a week to work and familiarize YTSRO structure, women's project, studied all the rules and regulations relating to the project. Also helps employee Anara Customer in Sheltore.


2. This month also carried Sheltor cleaning and preparation for future clients



3. Our employee-Anara met a woman on the street who needed psihiologicheskoy and moral support and she was given the employee-assistance sostorony Anara.


4. August 27, the entire team returned from the leave with renewed strength, the team      

divided, how to spent vacation time manitoringa. Together director was YTSRO      

distribution of functional obyazannostey female employees of the project: Emil      

kizi Mayr Kusmanovoy Anara and Usmanov Aida.




      5. The whole team has produced jobs do cleaning in the office.






1. With the beginning of the month the whole team manitoring spent a whole month and nanedelyu planning, as well as every Friday carried buying food and necessities in Sheltor. New employee Aida gathered for Sheltora, first aid kit, which is required for Medical first aid.



2. Client-H, with a daughter-A, which was in Sheltore for 6 months, was      

opportunity to travel to Bishkek in center "Ene-Ball Maher." Team agreed      

and obtained approval for a long time and stay for the client-H and her daughter-A.      

This center helps young mothers not to leave their children in a difficult moment of his     

life in which the fall for various reasons and circumstances. Poderzhivaet center for young mothers to continue their education or to find a stable job to support herself and her child. New employee-Hades, accompanied clients of-H and her daughter-A to Bishkek, the center "Ene-ball      

Maher. "



3. At the end of mysyatsa us in the project, at the request of ARP was adopted client - F.     

She is a student 11-cl. sr.shkoly s.Berlik, Tyup district. Parents shepherds girl 

was alone when her iznosilovali. After that, she got a severe psychological and physical trauma, in consequence of which she neodekvatnoe behavior would pokonchit with you, do not clearly describe what sney proizoshlo.Komanda decided to take her to day care s9.00 16.00 in Sheltor, because of a lack Night staff. First aid immedi-F, dressed her, as it was very dirty and pokormili.Iz-for psychologists

cal injury, make an appointment psihiologu that she was very helpful, were at ARZ, passed all the tests, just as was the family doctor - therapist, who appointed

strengthening vitamins. The project provided the client - all medical preporatov F, which she was appointed doctors. The team is helping her and giving moral support psihiologicheskuyu, provides everything you need in terms of hygiene, food and clothing. On the advice of psihiologa, an employee of the project on a daily basis with the client - Train advice on "how to accept and love yourself"                                                                                                                                                               



4. The team has revised documentation and contracts for receiving clients. This month, the team was busy with quarterly reports and stories that took place this month.





The problems we encountered and how we solved it



1. When you receive a client-M, the team did not carry out Research in the village where

klietka arrived. The team found that the client-M several times wanted pokonchit ssoboy but this team did not know. After that, the team decided to: admission clients the first thing to go to where the client lives, to make trial.



2. Due to lack of staff, the project team of women could not write reports in a timely and

very tired of the load. The team invited for an interview Usmanov A, which

really wanted to work in shtate.Ona undergone training and is undergoing trial

period of three months.


List of significant progress and achievements


• A client-M, which was received at the beginning of July, after staying with us decided to go to my mother which have not communicated, they were litter, but

team to go along with a client-M to her mother, talking to her mother in the end

they forgave each other, and my mother made it up thanks to the team for their            

help her and her daughter.



• A client-H, which is six months in Sheltore, after negotiations with the city of Bishkek, the center "Ene Ball Maher," the approval and sent for a long time, staying where she will help you find a job or client obucheniyu.Mama-H thank the whole team for the great help and poddurzhku her daughter and granddaughter.




     Plans for the next quarter


• Development of new strategies.


• Examining the project proposal for the next year


• Renewal of the new committee meetings


• Work with new customers.


And with tons of R & I




All the team he took part in the process reoblitatsii client - H and her newborn daughter - A

very worried about her future, the team wanted to get her and her daughter to a center where they

could be with his mother and dach, and at the same time to client - N could again find himself

in society, because after the False rapes she suffered emotional and psihiologicheskuyu injury.

And the team has found such a center. This center in Bishkek, s.Malovodnoe, "Ene - Ball Maher"

They agreed to take to his client - the H and her daughter for a long time. Center "Ene - Ball

Maher's "help the mothers not to leave their children and take care of and make their life, find their place in life. Client - H really wanted to learn and wanted to leave his daughter sings to his mother, but this q. "Ene - Ball Maher" give her the opportunity to learn and to be with his dochkoy, and what would the whole team. The entire team is grateful to this center, they decided to help the client - the H and her daughter - A. and n

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