Application of Digital Education Resources in Teaching Computer Science

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Digital educational resources is a product used for educational purposesfor playback which need a computer. Dynamically developing information technologies provide new, effective complement to traditional means of the educational process, which many teachers all the more willing to shall include on their methodical system. Using the DER provides new possibilities for increase the efficiency of the educational process.


Theoretical aspects of the application DER in teaching
computer science according to the capabilities of
electronic programs……………………………………………….3
Digital educational resources and their types for
presentation and content…………………………………...3
Pedagogical tools of digital educational resources………..5
Requirements for the DER in teaching
Capabilities of tools Microsoft Office and programs of
Macromedia Flash to create DER…………………………9
Using the typologies DER science classes ……………………...10
Аpplication of programs Microsoft Word
to create DER……………………………………………10
Application of the program Microsoft Excel
to create DER…………………………………………….11
Аpplication of the program Microsoft Office
Power Point to create DER ……………………………...13
Application of of the program Flash
to create DER …………………………………………….15
Conclusion ………………………………………………………..16
List of references………………………………………………….17

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Microsoft Power Point program is to produce effective and visual presentations. Using the «Power Point» in the making of the presentation is the best way for dealing with a large audience. With all functions of the program, you can easily make a presentation, and most importantly, using the power of this program you will be able to attract the attention of every member of your audience. The system demonstration program allows to quickly and easily prepare presentation material of any complexity.

Document Microsoft Power Point - is the presentation. It consists of individual slides. On the screen you can display them in different modes, which have different meanings.


Application of programs Microsoft Word to create DER.

Microsoft Word program is very easy to use. Make up tests, crossword puzzles, tests, lab work, quizzes, and other OPC is easy, just know this program at the elementary level. For example, to make a crossword, you should be able to draw the table and typing. Therefore, the teacher can give the students as a separate task to create a crossword puzzle or a quiz, and then use them in other lessons. Thus, the teacher develops creative thinking, intellectual acumen and logic, forms of independent work skills, has the ability of individual performance. In a table, I gave the example of a crossword puzzle, made 10th grade student. Tests listed in my table, is also very easy to compose, but minus the tests made in the program Microsoft Word is that the computer can not check them myself and give the result, and the teacher should check and evaluate yourself. Also in my table provides reference work, which includes 17 questions. Assignments are available in different forms, with a choice of one of four answers, with dopisaniem definitions, etc. Quiz made in Microsoft Word, also represents a set of tasks of various kinds.

In this program, you can also create modules. The purpose of the module: the formation of the knowledge and skills of information retrieval - acts, methods and procedures to carry out the selection of certain information from the dataset. Education within the module is implemented in cooperation with the teacher. Teacher - not the only source and "translator" of knowledge, he - consultant, organizer, judge.Modules are components of electronic textbook.


This allows the DER to teach difficult material is available. Text, the teacher pronounced and written on a computer monitor, is seen in several senses, which helps students with different types of memory learn the material. Symbols, definitions, allocated under the underlined words can focus on important things. This module is in electronic form has advantages over paper in that the partition is not necessary to search through the pages, simply click the button to find necessary. This is especially useful for independent decision problems: after each section are approximate solution of problems, if necessary, you can quickly find the desired information.


Application of the program Microsoft Excel to create DER.

In Microsoft Excel, you can create many different DER. This program convenient for teachers that can be considered the result and give an assessment on the set teacher standards. In my classification, I gave examples of the test on computer on Microsoft Excel. You must select one option out of four. After the test you need to press the "result". The computer will show the percentage of assignments and evaluation, based on a percentage. Neither the students during the test or the teacher checking does not take much forces but make the tests more difficult than in Microsoft Word, because the basic knowledge of the program will not be enough to produce tests. For his lesson, I was and used for securing the schoolbooks and clarify the gaps in students' knowledge of terminology dictation on "Algorithms". Dictation is a short task, implemented in a form that the student give a short simple answer. Once the answer is given, the student must press «Enter», and in front of the answer will be written "true" or "mistake."

To consolidate of the schoolbooks, to determine the gaps in students' knowledge can be used, quizzes made ​​in Microsoft Excel. In the example I gave a quiz where you have to to guess the all the terms on ICT correctly, then the letters in the selected cells can be chosen to make the names of personalities in the field of computer. You can use the puzzles. I cited the example of numerical puzzles made ​​in the program Microsoft Excel. In these problems, instead of letters must substitute numbers so that these equalities hold. The same letter should always correspond to the same numbers, different letters - different numbers (other than used in the task). DER dignity, created in this program is that they allow you to accelerate the pace of the lesson, the teacher had more time checking the knowledge, skills form the self, eliminate subjective evaluation, increase motivation and interest in learning.










Test in Microsoft Excel



Terminological dictation in Microsoft Excel








Application of the program Microsoft Office Power Point to create DER.

 The program Microsoft Office Power Point is traditionally used as a instrumental environment to prepare presentations. Multimedia presentation - one of the most effective methods of training in the classroom, a powerful pedagogical tool that goes beyond the traditional class - lesson system.

Textual material using animations allow compact distribute educational material, reduce the time of presentation of new material in class, use the released time to consolidate and exercise. At the lesson was given so much information and the types of work that would be impossible in the classroom without DER. For example, to explain and consolidate the new material have been proposed research, best practices, challenges for personal study, information was presented historical character. Animation allowed accessible and interesting to describe difficult to grasp the material. For example, students looking slides 3-7, quickly realized the differences in the management of direct and feedback, visual laconic text  helped to remember properties of the algorithm and type of algorithm . Demonstration and graphics, charts, graphs, figures, tables clearly showed the benefits of writing instruction in the form of an algorithm. Research problems in the animations allow not get lost in the verbal presentation and think logically even weaker students and the practical problems orient the student to gain experience solving life (including domestic) problems.

Thus, the DER will help the following educational objectives:


A) the organization of training activities, involving significant use of forms of independent research group and individual activities;B) a qualitative understanding of programming material;

B) the content of materials-oriented work with the information provided in various forms (graphs, tables, composite and original texts of various genres;

C) in a compact presentation of educational material, free up time to consolidate and exercise;

D) the availability and visibility of the material under study;

-consider the individual characteristics of students and differences in the cultural experience of students;

-raise interest in the subject;In my practice.

Also in this program is to create educational games. The goal - the formation and development of skills and abilities of students. On the table, see the example of an educational game "Jeopardy" It can be used for extra-curricular activities. The essence of the game is the following: a table, on which the four topics in computer science, and the player can choose any. Next to each topic are points, the higher the score, the more difficult question. Selecting a theme and score on the monitor, there is a question, a participant answers it. After answering the monitor displays the correct answer. If it is a replay player, the participant earns selected points and selects the next grade or subject, and if not, then, the transition to the next. The winner is the one who scored the most points.


This game can also be used to secure the material studied, because after seeing the correct answer, the participant remember.



Puzzles in the program Power Point

Playing "Jeopardy" in the program Power Point.


The use of data DER in extracurricular work will increase the interest in the subject, the desire to work independently.



Application of of the program Flash to create DER .

In the program Macromedia Flash can do some very interesting DER. In addition to the test (see Figure 8), puzzles, crosswords can make video tutorials and demonstrate sound. Video tutorial provide a visual representation of the possibilities of teaching lessons on the basis of new information technologies.

But to do in Flash DER difficult as it is necessary to own programming language and takes time. But if you apply the DER in the workbench, the lesson will be more interesting and brighter.

The technology to create video tutorials put non-linear editing, which allows to show the dynamics of all the stages of the lesson, focus on teaching methods of solving problems of teaching. The individual pieces of video tutorials can also be used as a demonstration on real classroom.




Tests in the program Macromedia Flash

















To date, one of the promising areas in the teaching of computer science can be an integrated approach to the use DER in the classroom. Typology allows the DER on the one hand, the student demonstrate the formation of key concepts, on the other hand, the most active part in this process.The use of DER in the learning process - is an attempt to offer one of the ways that allow to intensify the learning process, optimize it, to raise the interest of the pupils to study the subject, to realize the idea of developmental education, increase the rate of a lesson, to increase independent work. DER promotes logical thinking and culture of mental labor, the development of skills of independent work of students, and has a significant impact on the motivational sphere of the educational process, its activity-structure.

During the lesson, using DER teacher organizes the lesson and the consultant. DER does not replace the teacher or the textbook, but fundamentally change the nature of teaching activities. Introduction DER in the learning process enhances the teacher provides it in ways that allow us to solve the problem is not solved earlier, for example: 

-improvement in the organization of teaching, increasing individualization of education (up to work with each student); 

-DER can help where the teacher does not have time to address the gaps that have arisen because of missed classes; 

Self-productivity increase after school; 

-means of individualization of the teacher (ERC - the repository of the results of creative activity of the teacher:

-created interesting assignments and exercises - all that is missing in standard textbooks and that is valuable to other teachers); 

-speeds up replication and access to everything that has been accumulated in teaching practice.

The introduction of new information and communication technologies in the modern educational process will help make better preparation of students. That is why it is important to be able to create the most DER teacher. The table shows the typology DER that the active role DER in education is that they not only serve as the tools used to address certain pedagogical problems, but also stimulate the development of didactics and methodology facilitating the creation of new forms of teaching and learning that can significantly improve the quality of student learning.
















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