Do not dispose of waste (bottles, Newspapers, etc.), you can send for processing

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Environment protection and rational use of natural resources is an integral part of the process of social development of the Ukrainian state, because natural resources are the basis of life of the population and the economy of the state, thus ensuring their conservation, reproduction and rational use is one of the main conditions for sustainable socio-economic development of the country.


1.Do not dispose of waste (bottles, Newspapers, etc.), you can send for processing
2.Plant (plant more trees and plants.
3.Save resources do not waste resources)-for example, water, gas.

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1.Do not dispose of waste (bottles, Newspapers, etc.), you can send for processing

2.Plant (plant more trees and plants. 
3.Save resources do not waste resources)-for example, water, gas. 


Environment protection and rational use of natural resources is an integral part of the process of social development of the Ukrainian state, because natural resources are the basis of life of the population and the economy of the state, thus ensuring their conservation, reproduction and rational use is one of the main conditions for sustainable socio-economic development of the country. 
Modern ecological condition of Ukraine can not be considered without a past of our country, without a history of the use of natural resources, excluding an important model: man - production - nature. Changes that occur as a result of human activities, have a negative impact on the environment, therefore, in the modern world is extremely important value has the protection of the natural environment. 
As experience shows, to carry out effective policy of sustainable development in the country is still difficult, even in the conditions of a prosperous economy. The more complicated it looks like this problem in Ukraine is a young state, which has inherited the crisis and has at the same time to solve a lot of problems: political, economic, social, environmental. 
Assessment of the status of the environment 
Annually in Ukraine continues to grow anthropogenic and man-caused load on the environment. Our state has one of the highest in Europe, the ploughing of agricultural land, the consumption of water resources, deforestation. About 15% of the territory of Ukraine with the population more than 10 million people is located in a critical ecological condition. In Ukraine, about 70% of surface water and a significant share of the reserves of underground, have lost their value as sources of drinking water. Concern is the state of the river basin. The Dnieper river, which provides drinking water for more than 75% (35 million.) the population of the country. The water quality of the Dnipro basin is gradually deteriorating. Increase average content in the water of ammonium nitrogen, nitrate, phosphate and increase of mineralization of water, water pollution with phenols and oil products. Deteriorating and the quality of groundwater as a result of intensive exploitation of the productive aquifers. Revealed more than 290 formed centers of contamination of underground water in the main water-bearing horizons. 
Expenses of fresh water to produce one unit of output in Ukraine exceed the similar indicators in France - in 2,5 times, the Federal Republic of Germany - in 4.3 times, the UK and Sweden - in 4,2 times. The volume of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere currently amount to about 10 t per 1 km2, or more than 130 kg per person. In the course of the last 2006 harmful emissions into the air basin countries have more than 10 thousand industrial enterprises. From their activities in the atmosphere has received in the past year, more than 4.5 million tons of polluting substances, compared to 4.4 million tons in 2005 (in 2000. - 3,96 million tons). Two-thirds of total air pollution is the enterprises and one - third on the road, rail, water and air transport. At present, the country has accumulated more than 30 billion tons of waste. The area of land occupied by them, is 130 thousand hectares. A feature of the education structure of the waste in Ukraine in connection with the raw material orientation of the economy remains dominance in the mining waste - 88%, while the share of waste from other industries is 10%, and household - 2% . As secondary raw materials in the domestic industry is used only 8% of the total volume of waste. 
Percentage of forest land of Ukraine is lower scientifically-sound level. The actual - 15,7 %, optimum is 20 %. Today there are low rates of increase in forest cover. Modern ecological condition of forests was determined by the level and intensity of anthropogenic impact, and also the growing anthropogenic load, which violates the natural stability and середовищно-shaping functions of forest ecosystems. On 17% of the territory take place the processes of flooding. Intensive slain by the erosion of 18% of the territory of Ukraine. More of 54.6 thousand km2 of the territory of Ukraine, contaminated by radiation. The territory of the exclusion zone today is more than 2546 km2. Their negative

influence add greenhouse gases exhausted the ozone layer, acid rain, the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe, desolate mountains of Carpathians. 
Environmental protection is one of the most important priorities of the country 
The policy of Ukraine in the sphere of ecology is aimed at ensuring of protection of the natural environment, rational use of natural resources, the development of reserves and protected areas, waste management, geological survey of subsurface area, as well as topographic-geodetic and cartographic activity. The main goal of environmental policy is to ensure the constitutional right of citizens to a safe environment. Therefore, the integration of the environmental policy in all areas of activity is an obligatory condition for the transition to environmentally balanced development of the state. The development of the country and regions, the structure of economic growth, material production and consumption, as well as other types of activity of the company is functioning within the ability of natural ecosystems to recover, to absorb pollution and support the livelihoods of present and future generations. 
With the purpose of realization of the course of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to achieve European standards measures shall be taken to bring the legislation of Ukraine in compliance with European, due to the reform of the legal system in the sphere of environmental protection. Improvement of environmental legislation, the acceleration of the process of its harmonization with the EU legislation will help balance the legal system of our state from the point of view of the greening of all branches of the economy of the state and ensure its sustainable development. At the present time there is an issue of development of the Ecological code of Ukraine, which envisages the major directions of the state policy in the field of environment protection, use of natural resources, and ensuring environmental security, and the strengthening of the state ecological control. 
With the purpose of improvement of state control in the sphere of protection of environment, creation of the system of controlling bodies carried out the reorganization of Government departments of environmental protection of the natural environment by way of allotment of the environmental inspections and education of state environmental inspectorates in the regions of Ukraine. Today greatly expanded the powers of the state environmental Inspectorate, the main task of which is to implement the state policy in the sphere of environmental protection, rational use, reproduction and protection of natural resources (the land, mineral resources, surface water, atmospheric air, flora and fauna, the natural resources of territorial waters, continental shelf and exclusive (marine economic zone of Ukraine), waste management (except for the treatment of radioactive waste), hazardous chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals, environmental and within the competence of the radiation safety, the management of natural reserves. One of the priority directions of the state policy of Ukraine in the field of environmental protection defined by the formation of the information space on the issues of preservation of the environment, environmental politics and sustainable development, to promote the implementation of the system of continuous environmental education, and the active involvement of the public in solving environmental problems. 
Now for a public discussion on the official web-site of the Ministry posted a draft Concept of the national environmental strategy of Ukraine for the period up to 2020. At the present time the Ministry of nature has Орхуский information and training center, thanks to which there is a possibility to more effectively inform the public on the major issues of protection of environment and international environmental legislation, to attract highly qualified specialists to the process of learning, education and training. 
The creation of the state system of environmental awareness of the population, the creation of the national channels-radio and television and in other mass media regular programs, classes on issues of preservation of the environment, sustainable development, rational use, reproduction and protection of natural resources, waste management and hazardous chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals, environmental and radiation safety is a requirement of time. During the last years are traditionally held the all-Ukrainian environmental actions and operations: „snowdrop”, „Green sprout of the future”, „environment Day”, “Clean air” and „Christmas tree”in the basis of which the idea is the implementation of practical measures for the improvement of human settlements, store, organise various environmental areas and objects with simultaneous formation of a fundamentally new partnerships between authorities and citizens in the implementation of these activities. 
The nature has almost fully involved in the life of man, which is no longer satisfied with its diverse gifts, and constantly exploits the whole ecosystems. Ecological balance is broken, the man put before the fact of occurrence of irreversible harmful processes in nature, including the undermining of the natural restorative forces. The whole planet was in the networks of solid mechanical civilization. It's time to recover, to think about, and what's next, what we will leave to the next generation? Therefore, it is necessary at all levels - from the planetary national to local - to raise the General culture of the population and ecological including. 
Need ecologization of consciousness of the individual and of society as a whole, the harmonization of their relations with nature in terms of material, social and spiritual needs of the company with account of the natural capabilities. Important is the realization of the personality of their own involvement in environmental issues. Man must subordinate their activities to the laws of nature, to restore and enhance the natural resources, give priority to environmental priorities, rather than economic expediency. 
Today a lot of both domestic and foreign researchers combine the issues of environmental preservation and religious values, for the future of nature depends not only on the technical, scientific and economic innovation, but also on respect for the Earth. As shown by the study of contemporary sociologists and psychologists, one of the causes of the global ecological crisis is the growth in the second half of the twentieth century, the crisis of human spirituality. This is, first of all, a public egoism, nihilism, local and regional disturbances in societies. Now nature is as if suffocating from hard-heartedness and egoism of the modern system of relations in the society, she is killed by indifference of people to beauty and harmony. The whole planet is squeezed in the networks of mechanical civilization and trussed up with false values. And, perhaps, the whole problem is the absence of love, and everything else comes from this... It is already a tradition of the Church holds the first place in the rating of public trust in different institutions. Of course, the protection of nature is not the primary task of the Church, but her support for environmental activities is very authoritative. Spreading the good news of Christ, reconciling the world, the Church can and should educate the believers respect the rights of others creations. In the hearts of the people of our society need to restore a sense of the sanctity of life, which was so typical of our ancestors. 
At the modern stage of all there is an attraction of many religions in the search for contacts with the company with the purpose of overcoming the negative consequences of the ecological crisis. Influential become a unifying trends representatives of various confessions, aimed at the integration of efforts in solving the world's problems, preservation of the environment, усталенні healthy way of life, etc. That is, today there is a real chance to unite all strata of Ukrainian society: the believers of the Church, government representatives, scientists, members of NGOs and ordinary people of good will under the General idea - the preservation of the environment.

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