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14 Ноября 2011, реферат

La France connaît un fort taux de chômage depuis les années 1980. Avec les chocs pétroliers des années 1970, qui coïncidèrent avec la fin du rattrapage économique vis-à-vis des États-Unis, le chômage reste à un niveau élevé jusqu’au milieu des années 2000 (10%), tandis que d'autres pays développés parviennent à revenir à des niveaux plus ou moins proches du plein-emploi.

Choosing a career it is not a simple matter

16 Октября 2012, сочинение

I agree, because i think that in our time people shoude communicate independently from ethnic group.

Christianization of Kievan Rus

26 Декабря 2011, доклад

The Christening of Russia - an introduction to the Kievan Rus'Christianity as state religion, carried out at the end of X centuryPrince Vladimir Svyatoslavich.

Christmas Eve

17 Декабря 2011, доклад

On Christmas Eve, around 1812Pip, a boy around the age of six, encounters an escaped convict in the village churchyard while visiting his mother and father's and younger brothers' graves. The convict scares Pip into stealing food for him and a file to grind away his leg shackles. He warns Pip not to tell anyone and to do as he says or his young friend will cut out Pip's heart and liver

Climate and Nature of Great Britain

10 Ноября 2011, доклад

The climate in Great Britain is generally mild and temperate due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. The south-western winds carry the warmth and moisture into Britain. The climate in Britain is usually described as cool, temperate and humid.
British people say: "Other countries have a climate, in England we have weather."


20 Октября 2011, реферат

Coarticulation plays an important part in the process of speech production as it allows for a smooth flow of everyday conversation. This process requires the articulators to move at fast speeds as certain points or targets are required to be reached for phonemes to be produced. Due to the speed at which the articulators move from one target to another the motion of articulators will overlap. This overlapping motion is called coarticulation. That is the how articulators affect each other during the movement otherwise known as transition from one target to another. Coarticulation is influenced by a number of parameters. Firstly the distances the articulators need to move in the given amount of time in order to reach the required targets are not the same for all phonemes. The differences create an overlapping motion.

Comic Relief

05 Ноября 2012, реферат

Comic Relief is one of the well-known charities in Britain. the organisation raises money and then uses it to help to end poverty and unfairness. it works in the UK and in the poorest countries in the world. here's what it does. it raises money from the British people involving them in fun events. it does a lot of research to find out which charities to support. then it carefully desides how best to spend the money donated by the people. besides, it explains the causes of poverty in Africa and problems faced by people and communities in the UK. also it lets people in the UK know how they can change things for the better.
Comic Relief organises Red Nose Day every two years. It's the biggest TV fundraising event in the UK calendar. On Red Nose Day everyone in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is encouraged to put on a red nose, and do something a little bit silly to raise money - celebrities included. A clown-style red nose is the symbol of Red Nose Day. Most schools in the UK are involved in Red Nose Day, too.

Common types of partnership

21 Декабря 2011, доклад

The Longman Business English dictionary defines a partnership as a relationship between two people, organisations or countries that work together In business terms, It is usually an association of two от more people who go into partnership by pooling resources and sharing ownership, responsibility, control, profits, losses and liabilities of the business. Each person contributes something to the business, such as ideas, expertise, money or property. The partners define their management rights and personal liability In a legal contract.

Company organisation

04 Декабря 2011, доклад

The company consists of 6 main dpts. They are finance ,sales , marketing , advertising ,administration, research and development departments.
The managing director run the company and reports to the board of directors.
Finance mngr,administration mngr, sales mngr and marketing mngr are under managing director and report to him.
Production mngr and Chief accountant are under Finance mngr.
Personel mngr is under Administration mngr.

Company organisation

28 Октября 2013, контрольная работа

Let’s consider the organizational structure of a ski-producing company Rossomon. Now, if you look at the transparency you will see that the Managing Director, that is Mr Bunce, is responsible for running the company and is accountable to the Board. He is assisted by four executive departments. These are Human Resources,

Company structure

22 Ноября 2012, лекция

The topic under consideration is company structure. According to the financial dictionary - company structure is a set of elements making the internal system and the net of communication between them, united in a uniform economic organism.

Compile a list of words

23 Ноября 2012, контрольная работа

I. Перебудуйте наступні речення у заперечну та питальну форми.
II. Поставте п'ять типів питань до наступних речень.
ІІІ. Поставте, де потрібно, прийменники та артиклі. Речення перекладіть українською мовою.
IV. Перекладіть англійською мовою, використовуючи: a lot of, much, many; little або few.
V. Поставте дієслова у дужках у відповідну часову форму. Речення перекладіть українською мовою.

Complex sentence

10 Октября 2011, реферат

Linguists explain the complex sentence as units of unequal rank, one being categorically dominated by the other. In terms of the positional structure of the sentence it means that by subordination one of the clauses (subordinate) is placed in a dependent position of the other (principal). This latter characteristic has an essential semantic implication clarifying the differences between the two types, of polypredication in question.

Complex Sentences in modern English

29 Ноября 2011, курсовая работа

The theme of our course paper sounds as following: «Complex Sentences in modern English». Before beginning of investigation in our theme, we would like to say some words dealt with the theme of our course paper. In a complex sentence we distinguish the principal clause and the subordinate clause or clauses. Standing on such ground, we would like to point out tasks and aims of our work. In our opinion the practical significance of our work is hard to be overvalued. This work reflects modern trends in linguistics and we hope it would serve as a good manual for those who wants to master modern English language.

Compound Sentence

20 Декабря 2012, курсовая работа

The compound sentence is a composite sentence builton the principleof coordination. Coordination, the same as subordination, can be expressed cither syndetically (by means of coordination connectors) or asyndetically.
The two simple sentences joined into one CS lose their independent status to some and become coordinate clauses - parts of a composite unity.


07 Декабря 2011, реферат

Lately computers have filled our life. Now they are almost in each family. We have got used to them and we do not imagine our leisure without this miracle-machine. Computers have opened up a new era in manufacturing and they have enhanced modern communication systems. They are essential tools in almost every field of research, from constructing models of the universe to producing tomorrow's weather reports. Using of different databases and computer networks make available a great variety of information sources.

Computers in My Life

18 Декабря 2012, доклад

Computer addicts are the minority of computer users but there is no doubt that more and more young people are computer literate. Computer studies is a subject in many schools and many young people have personal computers. About one in three hundred computer owners spend almost all their time using computers.

Comunicative compitence

04 Марта 2013, курсовая работа

The purpose of the study is to determine the most effective methods and techniques for the formation of the communicative competence of students in foreign language lessons.
1. Study and analyze the literature on the research problem.
2. Discover the essence and provide a meaningful description of the concept of "communicative competence".
3. Determine the degree of influence on the development of interdisciplinary connections communicative competence
4. Identify the most effective ways and methods of forming the communicative competence
5. Implement the most effective methods and techniques for the formation and development of communicative competence in grades 5-9 on the basis of school


27 Октября 2011, реферат

The paper is written on the basis works by Donald Light, Suzanne Keller, Craig Calhoun, “Readings And Review For Sociology”, Fifth Edition, prepared by Theodore C. Wagenaar, and Richard T. Schaefer, “Sociology”.
As the title implies the paper gives the definition to political system. It is reported political system is one of the subsystem of society, and play sufficient role in our life. The paper deals with the power and its types.

Constitution of the United Kingdom

13 Апреля 2011, доклад

The constitution of the United Kingdom is the set of laws and principles under which the United Kingdom is governed.
Unlike many nations, the UK has no single core constitutional document. It is therefore often said that the country has an uncodified, or de facto constitution. However, much of the British constitution is embodied in the written form, within statutes, court judgments, and treaties. The constitution has other unwritten sources, including parliamentary constitutional conventions and royal prerogatives.

Count Mikhail Mikhailovich Speransky

08 Сентября 2013, реферат

Count Mikhail Mikhailovich Speransky ( January 12 [O.S. January 1] 1772 – February 23 [O.S. February 11] 1839) was probably the greatest of Russian reformers, founder of the Russian jurisprudence and theoretical law. He was a close advisor to Alexander I and later to Nicholas I, he is sometimes called the father of Russian liberalism.
Speransky was the son of a village priest and spent his early days at the ecclesiastical seminary in St Petersburg, where he rose to be professor ofmathematics and physics. His brilliant intellectual qualities attracted the attention of the government, and he became secretary to Prince Kurakin. He soon became known as the most competent of the imperial officials.

Course work: development of the stock exchange, as a factor to attract foreign capital into the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan

11 Декабря 2012, курсовая работа

The formation of market relations in Tajikistan has led not only to the transformation of pre-existing forms and methods of management, technology change of commodity and financial markets, the modernization of the economy. Rebirth got some economic activities that were not required under the administrative economy, especially the stock market. In the early 21th century in Tajikistan began the revival of the stock market. Until recently, this market grew at the fastest rate compared to other segments of the market economy.
Drastic economic reforms can not be considered completed until until establish effective financial

Creative ways of making Money

22 Ноября 2011, доклад

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing - “I had a client that we convinced to run a lumpy mail campaign – direct mail with some dimension to it. We created a series of messages with stuff in the boxes to match the message. Two cost savings measures – 1) one mailing had a keys to success theme – we went to a hardware store and got boxes of old miscut keys – they were thrilled to get rid of them. 2) to invite people to a seminar we served great BBQ and used the rib boxes from the well known BBQ place as carriers for the invitations. No cost for the creative boxes and the rib joint was thrilled.”

Creolized languages

13 Декабря 2011, реферат

Споконвiку мова булла найважливiшим засобом спiлкування. Завдяки мовi люди виражали свої думки iншим, пiзнавали нове, розвивались та удосконалювадись.

З часом у кожного народу почали з’являтись власнi мови та дiалекти, специфiка яких була тiсно пов’язана з культурою, традицiями та менталiтетом окремих соцiальних груп чи нацiональностей.

Crimes against the person

03 Ноября 2012, доклад

Murder. According to the doctrine itself deprivation of life (killing) a legally neutral, because It may be innocent and kriminalnym6. According to U.S. law, murder is the unlawful intentional or reckless homicide. Indication of the wrongful deprivation of life by killing U.S. law differs from the foreign, including Russian zakonodatelstva7.

Cross-correlation analysis of the productivity of sugar beets and factors, that it is formed

18 Ноября 2011, курсовая работа

Statistics are social science, which studies the quantitative side of the high-quality certain mass socio-economic phenomena and processes, their structure and distributing, placing in space, direction and speed of time-histories, tendencies and conformities to law of motion, closeness of intercommunications and interdepends.
The quantitative side of any public phenomenon is indissolubly related to his high-quality aspects, because a quantitative dimension does not exist without high-quality definiteness.

Customs and traditions of Kazakhstan

14 Февраля 2013, доклад

The Kazakh people have a long tradition of peace, tolerance and co-existence. Children learn hospitality and respect from a very young age, and this is reflected in the wonderful hospitality offered to all guests and travelers. If you visit a Kazakh household - whether or not you are expected - those present will stand up in greeting as you enter the door. You will be seated on the tor - the special guest seat and offered a cup of either kumiss or tea. It is considered extremely poor manners to disturb the weary or hungry guest, so the host often remains silent until you are refreshed!

Customs service of the Chinese national Republic

16 Декабря 2011, творческая работа

Презентация на тему "Customs service of the Chinese national Republic" по английскому языку.

Daily Salute to the Sun

23 Февраля 2013, лекция

A simple personal discipline of remembering the Eternal Sun three times daily. The purpose of this prayer is to develop personal spiritual responsibility and to infuse daily life with a rememberance of the Light.
To be said to the Sun in the Morning:
"Hail to thee, the Eternal Spiritual Sun, whose visible Symbol rises now in the Heavens. Hail unto thee from the Abodes of Morning."

Dansul - oglinda sufletului

26 Февраля 2013, курсовая работа

“Dansul este o arta capabila sa emotioneze pe oricine, indiferent de varsta sau de nivel de pregatire. “
Aceasta este parerea tanarului Razvan Mazilu, liderul tinerei generatii de balerini si coregrafi romani.
"Imaginează-ţi oameni dansând într-o zi de sărbătoare: o horă duminica în sat, carnavalul de la Rio, un bal într-un salon din Viena, un dans tribal în jurul focului, o petrecere între prieteni la o zi de naştere. Gândeşte-te câteva momente la unul din aceste exemple...