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Economic interventionism

13 Ноября 2011, доклад

Economic interventionism is an action taken by a government in a market economy or market-oriented mixed economy, beyond the basic regulation of fraud and enforcement of contracts, in an effort to affect its own economy.

Economic system. Changes in economic situation of Russia

11 Декабря 2011, реферат

An economic system is a mechanism (social institution) which deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in a particular society. The economic system is composed of people, institutions and their relationships to resources, such as the convention of property. It addresses the problems of economics, like the allocation and scarcity of resources.

Economics of Germany

04 Марта 2013, реферат

Germany is the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world, and fifth by GDP (PPP) in 2008. Since the age of industrialization and beyond, the industrial capitalism, the country has been a driver, innovator, and beneficiary of an ever more globalized economy. Germany is the world's third largest exporter with $1.408 trillion exported in 2011 (Eurozone countries are included). Exports account for more than one-third of national output.
Germany is relatively poor in raw materials. Only lignite and potash salt are available in economically significant quantities. Power plants burning lignite are one of the main sources of electricity in Germany. Oil, natural gas and other resources are, for the most part, imported from other countries. Germany imports about two thirds of its energy.

Economie des pays

09 Декабря 2010, доклад

Доклад об экономиках Франции, России и Германии на французском языке

Economy of the USA

27 Ноября 2011, реферат

On a boundary of the new century, opening the third millenium, special attention is arrested by itself to time factor – to one of determinatives of social and economic development both the separate country, and all world community. If for the person the age speaks about much, and at times – about everything in a case with the state the in itself time period, and its maintenance, its replenishment is important not. Especially, if it concerns such states, as the USA.
Really, in comparison with many European countries age

Educating children at home

18 Сентября 2013, реферат

Now educating children at home is something that apparently twice the number of parents are talking on than used to be the case. It is estimated that about 6000 children are being taught at home without going to school. “ Education Otherwise ” is the name of one organization of parents who have taken this step, and Bruce Cox is one of their number. Bruce thinks that it is not against the law to take the children out of school or not to put them in school. Children must be educated, according to the 1944 Act, but whether you educate them in school or otherwise, is a matter for parents to choose - he thinks. For some of children it is better to be educated at home or in alternative school than in government's school. People don't sent their children to school in the first place for a variety of reasons.


12 Января 2011, реферат

In some areas of England there are nursery schools for children under 5 years of age. Some children between two and five receive education in nursery classes or in infants classes in primary schools. Many children attend informal pre-school play-groups organised by parents in private homes. Nursery schools are staffed with teachers and students in training.


28 Апреля 2013, лекция

Education in the Russian Federation - the purposeful process of education and training for the benefit of man, society and the state, accompanied by a statement of achieving citizen (student) established by the state educational levels (educational qualifications).

Education in Great Britain

15 Октября 2010, реферат

Система образования в Великобритании

Education in the USA

04 Марта 2013, реферат

The USA does not have a national system of education. All educational matters are left to states. 50 per cent of funds for education come from state sources, about 40 from local funds, and only 6 per cent from the federal government. There are two major types of schools in the USA— public which are free, and private, or fee-paying. Four of five private schools are run by churches and other religious groups.

Education in the USA. Economy in the USA

22 Декабря 2010, реферат

Общая модель образования в США представляет собой восьмилетнюю начальную школу, после которой идёт четырёхлетняя средняя школа. Она получила название плановая программа 8-4. Ей предшествуют, во многих местностях, ясельные школы и детские сады. После неё следует 4-летний колледж и профессиональная школа. Эта традиционная модель, однако, изменилась в различных направлениях. Плановая программа 6-3-3 состоит из 6-летней начальной школы, 3-летней младшей средней школы и 3-летней старшей средней школы. Другой вариант – это плановая программа 6-6, с 6-летней начальной школой, после которой следует 6-летняя средняя школа.

Education in UK

28 Ноября 2011, реферат

Education is free for all children from 5 to 16. About 93 per cent of all children are educated in state schools and the rest attend private schools. In England and Wales compulsory school begins at the age of 5. But in some areas of England there are nursery school for children under 5 years old, also called play school.

Educational system of Ukraine

12 Декабря 2011, сочинение

Education in Ukraine is given great attention by the government and a large number of facilities and institutions exist for the purpose of educating the population. The system of education in Ukraine extends right from pre-school to higher education.

Effectiveness and productivity of labor

25 Октября 2011, курсовая работа

A highly efficient agricultural sector – is the basis of material and social well-being of society, without which sustainable development is impossible. It is a kind of guarantor and preservation of national security. Not accidentally agriculture is a priority area in the developed world. In these areas rarely experiment with his guard and police, using new scientific and technological progress.

El desempleo en Espana

11 Марта 2013, реферат

El paro en España sigue subiendo y cierra 2012 rozando la barrera de los seis millones de parados, en concreto 5.965.400, el sexto récord consecutivo, según los datos publicados de la Encuesta de Población Activa, que refleja una tasa de desempleados superior al 26% por primera vez. Siete provincias (Cádiz, Huelva, Córdoba, Málaga, Almería, Badajoz y Las Palmas) superan ya el 30% de desempleo, 11 más se encuentran entre el 25% y el 30% y solo 9 de las 50 están por debajo del 15%. Ninguna provincia española se encuentra por debajo del desempleo medio en la UE, el 9,8% en noviembre de 2012.


14 Декабря 2011, доклад

In a democracy, the country’s rulers are chosen in elections. Candidates run for election or stand for election. The campaign is the series of ads, television appearances, meetings and speeches designed to get support for a candidate. The run-up to an election is the period leading up to an election, perhaps a longer time than the campaign itself

Electric field

10 Ноября 2011, контрольная работа

The concept of the electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday. An electric field is created by a charged body in the space that surrounds it, and results in a force exerted on any other charges placed within the field. The electric field acts between two charges in a similar manner to the way that the gravitational field acts between two masses, and like it, extends towards infinity and shows an inverse square relationship with distance. However, there is an important difference.

Electric Power Consumers and Power System

02 Апреля 2013, доклад

1. An electric power consumer is an enterprise utilizing electric power. Its operating characteristics vary during the hours of day, days and nights, days of week and seasons.
2. All electric power consumers are divided into groups with common load characteristics. To the first group belong municipal consumers with a predominant lighting load: dwelling houses, hospitals, theatres, street lighting systems, mines, etc.
3. To the second group belong industrial consumers with a predominant power load (electric motors): industrial plants, mines, etc.

Elevation, degradation, specialization, generalization

23 Октября 2013, реферат

While studying foreign languages students usually face a problem of understanding the meaning of the word. We all know a saying “one word – one meaning” and we also know that it can’t be used to characterize the lexical system of the English language. In order to help students to be word-conscious the course of lexicology was included to the curriculum for the English sections of all linguistic departments.
Lexicology (of Greek origin: lexis “word” + logos “learning”) is a brunch of linguistics concerned with words. It is a study of words.

Endangered Species

17 Сентября 2011, доклад

Hello! My name is Uliana. Topic of my presentation is Endangered Species. And I will tell you about the Big Panda. I choose this animal because it is very nice and amusing animal.

English Dialects. New Jersey English

29 Января 2011, реферат

Speakers of any given language sometimes get offended when their particular language style is called a dialect. To avoid any confusion, I would therefore like to see what the term "dialect" means.

Error correction

28 Декабря 2011, контрольная работа

Error correction is often done by the teacher providing corrections for mistakes made by students. However, it is probably more effective for students to correct their own mistakes. In order to do this, students and the teacher should have a common shorthand for correcting mistakes.

Essay of Dremina Alexandra

13 Октября 2011, сочинение

In the year 2005 SNE was introduced. Since that time the problems of the SNE has become one of the most important issues under discussion. Someone says that this form of examination is not fairly enough for determine the knowledge level, other say that SNE could allow access to the university to everyone who is worthy. So, how bad or good it is, it’s steel discussed by many people.

Ethical issues: euthanasia and bioethics

18 Декабря 2012, сочинение

There are many significant ethical issues that remain unresolved and invite more discussion by the general public. Ethics involves the sphere of interpersonal, group, and community politics at the level of values and looks at our proper relations, our duties to each other, individually and collectively.

Ethnic and geographical identity of British people

21 Сентября 2011, курсовая работа

The geographical term Great Britain was used to distinguish the largest of the British Isles from Brittany, or Little Britain. When James I succeeded Elizabeth in 1603 he proposed that the union of the crowns should be followed by a governmental union and suggested the name Great Britain. Though the English Parliament could not be brought to agree, James adopted the name by proclamation and used it on his coinage.


13 Июня 2012, сочинение

Etiquette is a set of customs and rules for polite behavior, especially among a particular class of people or in a particular profession. In a growing corporate world, it is getting increasingly important to maintain etiquettes defining the business impression. Every qualified student covets a job in top corporate companies. On being recruited, performance becomes the primary focus and little care is taken on the etiquettes that go along with the better performance. It is estimated that the first impression is created in 3 seconds of the meeting. For employees to succeed in business meetings conversational skills and manners are vital. Etiquette means manners practiced in a particular environment. Corporate etiquettes is one which is adopted in every business keeping in mind the ethics and integrity.


25 Января 2011, реферат

Der Euphemismus (deutsch auch: Hehlwort, Beschönigung) (latinisierte Form des griechischen ευφημισμός, von altgriechisch euphemi „schönreden, beschönigen“) bezeichnet Wörter oder Formulierungen, die einen Sachverhalt beschönigend, verhüllend oder verschleiernd darstellen. Euphemistische Begriffe können wegen ihres verharmlosenden Charakters auch einen sarkastischen Unterton haben.


19 Декабря 2011, реферат

Der Euro (€) ist die Währung der Europäischen Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion, einem in Art. 127-144 AEUV geregelten Politikbereich der Europäischen Union (EU). Der Euro als politisches Projekt.

Expertiza complexă a mărfurilor textile ( în baza S.A. “Art-Vest”)

23 Марта 2013, курсовая работа

Orice activitate necesită a fi reglementată de un anumit act normativ. Aceasta este o sarcină a statului realizată prin intermediul puterii legislative.
În domeniul expertizei materialelor textile nu există un act normativ unic care să reglementeze expres această activitate. Această activitate se călăuzeşte de unele acte normative care au tangenţe la ea. Ca exemplu poate servi: Legea Republicii Moldova cu privire la protecţia consumatorului şi reglementările U.E. cu privire la armonizarea legilor privind metode de analiză necesare pentru verificarea calitativă şi cantitativă a materialelor textile.

Export, import and trade balance of Hungary

05 Октября 2013, реферат

The economy of the United Kingdom is the sixth-largest national economy in the world measured by nominal GDP and eighth-largest measured by purchasing power parity (PPP), and the second-largest in Europe measured by both nominal GDP and PPP after Germany in both cases (in 2012). The UK's GDP per capita is the 22nd highest in the world in nominal terms and the 22nd highest measured by PPP. The British economy encompasses (in descending order of size) the economies of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK has one of the world's most globalised economies. London is the world's largest financial centre alongside New York and has the largest city GDP in Europe.